Using pip

With pip (or pipenv), you can install Uplink simply by typing:

$ pip install -U uplink

Download the Source Code

Uplink’s source code is in a public repository hosted on GitHub.

As an alternative to installing with pip, you could clone the repository,

$ git clone

then, install; e.g., with

$ cd uplink
$ python install


These are optional integrations and features that extend the library’s core functionality and typically require an additional dependency.

When installing Uplink with pip, you can specify any of the following extras, to add their respective dependencies to your installation:

Extra Description
aiohttp Enables uplink.AiohttpClient, for sending non-blocking requests and receiving awaitable responses.
marshmallow Enables uplink.MarshmallowConverter, for converting JSON responses directly into Python objects using marshmallow.Schema.
twisted Enables uplink.TwistedClient, for sending non-blocking requests and receiving Deferred responses.

To download all available features, run

$ pip install -U uplink[aiohttp, marshmallow, twisted]